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Enviropro News keeps you up to date with Envirpro mold removal and water damage repair projects. Professional mold remediation and repair service.

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Daytona residents clean up after water damage. Watch the water damage repair video here...

Dry ice blasting technique blasts away mold. Watch the soda blasting video here...

Broward County Courthouse Late Night Flooding. Watch the water damage clean up video here...

EnviroPro Employees Tackle Large Scale Port Everglades Job. Read more about Mold Removal...

Enviropro Blog

Here at EnviroPro, we like to keep our customers up to date. That being said, we've created a blog where we will be posting about major milestones in the company, new information about the company, hurricane and tropical storm information, etc. Check the pages below to view recent posts along with company notes and community information.

June 17, 2009

Mold in your Bathroom

One of the most common problems regarding mold and mildew is Bathroom Mold. Firstly this problem occurs because the humidity level in the Bathroom are high. It's usually moist and very warm there and those 2 ingredients are perfect breeding ground for black mold. Below are some tips to reduce your humidity levels in your Bathroom and some tips of what you should do if you think you have mold, anywhere in the home.

Of course there are very technical reports. this is simply the short version article. If you want to know more, then call us today 1-877-216-MOLD.

Preventing Humidity in your Bathroom

Air Flow - you'll want air flowing throughout your Bathroom. Bathrooms sometimes have air flow vents in the apex of the side of the roof. The object is to have the air flowing and prevent it from being still so black mold spores don't settle. Still air keeps humidity better than moving air.

Remove all wet materials - Many times wet, soggy stuff is laying around. These material raises the moisture content level in the air. The more constant moisture, the more likely you'll get black mold. If you find unexpected wet areas, it is probably a sign of a water leak. Water damage and black mold can ensue so fix them immediately. For Water Damage, check out Affordable Restoration. They deal with water and mold damage.

Check regularly - look for signs of mold in the most common places that have the least air flow and the most wet materials: the bathroom and the kitchen. For the best mold inspection, call us 1-877-216-MOLD. We will send some to your property and visually inspect all the right areas that would lead to black mold. We also can use advanced search technology like a thermal camera that can usually locate water leaks behind walls. If left unchecked these leaks can turn into big mold problems.

Got Black Mold?

Here are some tips you can look for if you think you have black mold:

1. Smell - The smell of dirty old socks or that locker room smell is a good indication you have mold.

2. High humidity - The still, wet feeling you get if you walk into a steamy shower. Remember the high humidity is perfect breeding ground for black mold spores.

3. Water leaks - check the water tanks, under sinks, Bathroom, outside hoses and of course look at your water bill. Did it shoot up recently. IF so, you probably have a water leak and water leaks lead to black mold growing.

4. Stuffy Feeling - The property feels stuffy. Often residents complain of having a stuffy nose. If you find this is the case, have Dade Mold Inspectors check out your property for mold.

These few tips can reduce the chances of black mold growing. Be sure to call us for any information you might want regarding any mold problem you encounter.

Enviropro Blasts Mold Away With Dry Ice Blasting

For those situations where high pressure or high heat can damage materials there is another solution. Dry Ice blasting kills the mold instantly, making a better solution for many situations. Enviropro - always ahead of the curve. You can see the video here - Dry Ice Blasting

Enviropro Tackles Broward County Court House Emergency Flood Clean Up

When the pipes busted and water flooded the Broward County Court House, they picked up the phone and called Enviropro to help with the emergency. We were there and working within 20 minutes, we are always ready 24 hours a day. Call us, we're ready to move right now 1 (877) 216-MOLD Click here to watch the video...

Happy Holidays from the EnviroPro Team!

On behalf of all of us on the EnviroPro staff, we would like to wish all of our customers and visitors a happy and safe holiday. This is the time of year when we all enjoy getting together as a family, going Chanukah and Christmas shopping, as well as decorating our homes. We also know that emergencies can occur in this time of happiness which is why we would like to remind everyone that we are a full service emergency response company. We are available 24 / 7 / 365. Yes, this also means Christmas day. Enjoy your holiday season and remember that we are only a phone call away. 1 (877) 216-MOLD

EnviroPro Employees Tackle Large Scale Port Everglades Job

This past week began the start of yet another large scale job for Broward County. This time EnviroPro technicians will be spending a solid 3 weeks at one of the Port Everglades' ship terminals. This job, similar to past County assigned projects, has provided us with a deadline for completion along with a couple of hurdles to overcome along the way. As you will notice in some of the images below, the ceiling in which we are removing is roughly 14-16 feet off of the second floor and a much larger 35 feet from the bottom floor. EnviroPro technicians have to remove the drop ceiling including all lights, speakers, and tiles before suiting up to tackle the visible mold on the overhead drywall. With the experience that EnviroPro has in dealing with large scale commercial projects, our supervisors we were able to devise a remediation plan, setup seperate containments throughout the second floor, and remove and treat the ceiling and overhead structure. Have a look through the images below and feel free to leave a comment.

Hurricane Ike looks to be the next Andrew!

With this hurricane season already off to a pretty intense start, we've yet to see the worse of it. As you've probably already heard from a friend, local newspaper, or news station; Hurricane Ike is showing many similarities to Hurricane Andrew which we saw over a decade ago. With hurricane predications changing almost every minute, no one really knows where this perfectly formed hurricane will end up. A few days ago, Ike was projected to curve up and make landfall on the east coast of Florida. Now forecaster's show the hurricane making a northward turn and possibly brushing the west coast of Florida. So what does this new forecast mean? Well, if this latest forecast for the hurricane is correct, this would mean that Louisiana has a strong chance of being impacted by Hurricane Ike. This is definitely not what Lousiana home and business owners want as many places are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina which we saw not too long ago. I think I speak for all Americans when I say that we would rather have the storm make landfall anywhere other than Lousiana.

We hope that all Floridians, Texans, and other states bordering the south coast of the United States have already began preperations for their homes, businesses, and most importantly, safety preparedness for their families. If you haven't already done so, this may be a good time to get out there before the lines for your local fuel stations grow even larger. I know that the gas stations in South Florida are seeing a rediculous amount of customers fueling up their cars, trucks, gas cans, and everything they can safely store gas in. For immediate updates to Hurricane Ike, please check with your local news stations. We will continue to post information on major moves that Ike makes.

EnviroPro goes Green with its Water Damage Restoration and Flood Damage Cleanup!

EnviroPro Corporate has recently announced that we are adding a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup. While we will still be offering our basic mold cleanup procedure and remediations, we are giving customers the option of upgrading to our ‘Green Service.’ The ‘Green Service’ is just as effective at treating mold, with the added bonus of providing a cleaner process.
Some of the key benefits of these “green” organic cleaning chemicals is:

Kills over 99.99% of Bacteria & Mold
Hospital Disinfectant, Fungicide, Virucide & Tuberculocide
Unprecedented Safety Profile
Safe and non-toxic for Adults, Children, Pets, and even our technicians
Effective for all categories of water loss
Specialized for Mold Remediation and Trauma Scenes

Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable
Safe on all surfaces
The EnviroPro web team is in the process of developing a webpage for this new service on our website. If you are interested in this new beneficial mold cleanup service, please mention to an EnviroPro sales representative that you would like to Go Green.

Hurricane Gustav evolves to Category 4

It's official! What was Tropical Storm Gustav has quickly transformed into a massive category 4 hurricane. To make matters worse, its projected path looks to move directly through Louisiana. Hurricane analysts say that this hurricane may increase to a category 5 very soon. As this hurricane passes by Florida, we are left with Tropical Storm Hannah that is projected to possibly make landfall in Florida. Once again, EnviroPro vehicles are stocking up with water damage and flood equipment in preparation for a major hurricane. Stay tuned for Tropical Storm Hannah updates as well as Hurricane Gustav...

Fay is gone but left behind a lasting memory...

Now that Tropical Storm Fay has moved Westward and finally away from Florida, people can start getting their lives back together. While Fay threatens us with just her rains at the moment, she did however leave 11 deaths behind. The latest death was an electrical worker responding to a power outage. The other Floridian deaths were a combination of drownings in high surf areas along with weather related accidents. Melbourne, FL suffered from the heaviest rains coming in at over 2 feet. Fay's record 4th landfall in Florida has allowed this storm to cover just about every square inch of the state. With phone calls still coming in, EnviroPro represenatives are standing by the phones helping out Floridians as best we can. We still have our emergency response vehicles fully stocked and ready to respond at a moment's notice


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