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After water damage caused by a flood, the most important step is the dry out. During this stage, we implement dehumidifiers, blowers, and depending on the situation, dry force machines. The dehumidifiers are spaced out around the water damaged area to draw the moisture out of the air and drop the overall relative humidity. The blowers, or centrifugal fans, are used to move the air around the wet surfaces. The more air that is moved, the quicker the dry out, and the less likely you are to see mold growth in that area. In some circumstances, when walls are not drying out as quick as they should be, we will implement a dry force wall dry out machine. This unit can be seen above. Using multiple hoses that run into evenly spaced out areas of the wall, this system moves air through these hoses and into the inside of the walls. When used in conjunction with the dehumidifiers and blowers, this greatly speeds

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