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Do you have mold, fire or water damage in your business or home? You’ve come to the right place! Our Water, Mold & Fire Damage mitigation experts on call, 24/7 a week!

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Rid ugly, harmful and dirty mold form your home and business now. 20 Years in Business we are Licensed and Insured!

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

With fires ocurring more and more frequently due to the major drought our nation is seeing, there has been a major climb in fire related insurance claims as well as the need for experienced fire damage restoration companies. With that being said, EnviroPro is here to assist you or your business in any way we can. We specialize in Emergency Response, Contents Management, Demolition and Restoration, Smoke and Soot Removal, as well as Insurance Claim Estimations and Coordination. EnviroPro has some of the top machinery in the industry for filtering odors caused by fire and smoke damage. We also stock all of the pertinent fire damage products on hand in our fleet of EnviroPro vehicles.

Because every type of fire is different, the types of smoke can be different as well. The main types of smoke are:

  • Dry Smoke - Quick burning with higher temperatures
  • Wet Smoke - Lower heat, sharp odor, sticky, smoldering; The webbing from this type of smoke is harder to clean.
  • Fuel Oil Soot - Blow backs from Furnaces cause this type of oil soot.
  • Protein - Very strong odor, paint and varnish discolored by protein, near invisible smoke.
  • Other - Residue from Fire Extinguisher(s), tear gas, and fingerprint powder.

The behavior of smoke due to a fire damage is very unique. Warm and Hot smoke generally makes its way to cooler areas of a structure as well as the upper levels within that structure. It does this by migrating through plumbing systems and holes around pipes that travel from one floor to another. While an expanding foam is generally set in place around these multi-level pipes, smoke will find a way through even the smallest hole that is missed by the foam. Knowing the type of smoke greatly improves the overall restoration process.

You can rest assure that when you hire EnviroPro, you are hiring a fully trained staff that has experience in dealing with small smoke damages as well as large-scale fire restoration projects. EnviroPro technicians have worked together on large fire damage projects within the FAU campus, FIU campus, Broward Community College campus, Marriot hotel, and Motel 6 hotel. The are just a few examples of large-scale fire and smoke restoration projects that we have managed. Our goal is to return your home or workplace into its original condition as it sat before a fire was encountered. We know how devastating everything can appear to be directly after firefighters put out a blaze. We want you to be able to step away from the damage knowing that you are in good hands with EnviroPro.

Fire Damage to a home or business can be devastating, Envirpro has a team of experts that specialize in the removal and mitigation of Fire damage to structures, furniture, and other objects. Fires can cause an immense amount of damage and leave a smell that is almost impossible to remove, however our trained team of experts uses highly sophisticated equipment and methods that will removal and eliminate the smell of fires or fire in a home or business. Call Envirpro today and get a Free quote on our Fire Removal service, the best part is you don’t have out of pocket costs because your insurance covers the losses.

Specialty Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning EnviroPro also specializes in many other detailed cleanings. The major types of specialty cleanings are listed below. If you do not see a service that you are looking for, please submit a request for information on our 'contact us' page.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Contact Enviropro for all your specialty cleaning needs!

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EnviroPro offers services ranging from emergency response to indoor air quality control. We are available 24 hours a day all year round. Please give us a call if you do not see a service you are looking for.

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