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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is very important to your health. Let Enviropro show you how to improve the air you breath all day long.

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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that Indoor air quality problems can have a major impact on ones health? These air quality problems can also have an impact on your comfort level within your home or business. Most of the customers that we deal with are under the impression that mold and mildew is the primary cause of health problems. While mold and mildew can cause many health concerns, your home may also infected with a number of allergens and other micro-organisms. For those of you who are constantly sneezing in your home or exhibiting other signs of health discomfort, you more than like are reacting to allergens in the air.

Asthma cases in the United States have increased by 60% in the last two decades. This is likely due to problems with indoor air. The people who are most susceptible to these problems are young children, the elderly, and anyone with a health impairment such as a respiratory or immune system condition. In order to avoid these allergy systoms, along with asthma is to keep you indoor air as clean as possible. By doing this, you will controlling the amount of airborn irritants in your home.

The three types of airborn irritants are:

Biological allergens like pollen, dust mite allergens, mold spores, pet dander, and cockroach allergens
Tobacco smoke and other combustion by-products
Gases from wood products and other sources (e.g., radon, formaldehyde)
For more information on Indoor Air Quality and ways of minimizing your indoor air problems, please take a look at this webpage covering Allergies. (This link will leave the EnviroPro website)

This webpage is very informative and you should note their recommendation of products and services at the bottom of the page. EnviroPro will handle all of the services on that list along with implementing the products for filtering your indoor air. Once we finish with our service, we will determine if you are in need of any of these air scrubbing or dehumidification products.


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