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We are the leading experts in South Florida in Mold Damage, Water Damage, Fire and Smoke Damage Repairs and Clean-Up. Call us first (1-877-216-MOLD) if you are experiencing any Mold, Water Damage, Fire or Smoke Damage. We provide complete reports of our investigations and recommendations after a thorough inspection using state-of-the-art equipment.

We handle everything from carpet cleanings to Emergency response after a flood. Personal belongings are usually the most important thing to us next to friends & family of course. With that being said, we strive to keep your surroundings the way they should be. We also know that our customers do not want any additional damage while working to correct their problem. You won't have to worry about that factor as EnviroPro trains our technicians thoroughly to handle any scenario with the utmost professionalism and clean working environments. We also try to accommodate customer's schedules so that we can both get our jobs done with as little conflict as possible.

For more information on any specific service, please use the links provided to the right. We've listed the most common services that we offer, however, if you need another type of service, please contact us in any manner that you prefer. We are also available to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding the restoration process.

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June 17, 2009

Mold in your Bathroom

One of the most common problems regarding mold and mildew is Bathroom Mold. Firstly this problem occurs because the humidity level in the Bathroom are high. It's usually moist and very warm there and those 2 ingredients are perfect breeding ground for black mold. Below are some tips to reduce your humidity levels in your Bathroom and some tips of what you should do if you think you have mold, anywhere in the home.

Of course there are very technical reports. this is simply the short version article. If you want to know more, then call us today 1-877-216-MOLD.

Preventing Humidity in your Bathroom

Air Flow - you'll want air flowing throughout your Bathroom. Bathrooms sometimes have air flow vents in the apex of the side of the roof. The object is to have the air flowing and prevent it from being still so black mold spores don't settle. Still air keeps humidity better than moving air.

Remove all wet materials - Many times wet, soggy stuff is laying around. These material raises the moisture content level in the air. The more constant moisture, the more likely you'll get black mold. If you find unexpected wet areas, it is probably a sign of a water leak. Water damage and black mold can ensue so fix them immediately. For Water Damage, check out Affordable Restoration. They deal with water and mold damage.

Check regularly - look for signs of mold in the most common places that have the least air flow and the most wet materials: the bathroom and the kitchen. For the best mold inspection, call us 1-877-216-MOLD. We will send some to your property and visually inspect all the right areas that would lead to black mold. We also can use advanced search technology like a thermal camera that can usually locate water leaks behind walls. If left unchecked these leaks can turn into big mold problems.

Got Black Mold?

Here are some tips you can look for if you think you have black mold:

1. Smell - The smell of dirty old socks or that locker room smell is a good indication you have mold.

2. High humidity - The still, wet feeling you get if you walk into a steamy shower. Remember the high humidity is perfect breeding ground for black mold spores.

3. Water leaks - check the water tanks, under sinks, Bathroom, outside hoses and of course look at your water bill. Did it shoot up recently. IF so, you probably have a water leak and water leaks lead to black mold growing.

4. Stuffy Feeling - The property feels stuffy. Often residents complain of having a stuffy nose. If you find this is the case, have Dade Mold Inspectors check out your property for mold.

These few tips can reduce the chances of black mold growing. Be sure to call us for any information you might want regarding any mold problem you encounter.

Mold Remediation is by far the most important mold removal and mold prevention service that is available to our customers. With increased cases in asthma and other health problems, you don't just want mold removed! In fact, cleaning even a small area of mildew or mold growth can create an airborne mold issue within your home or workplace. To prevent the spread of mold, it is in your best interest to hire a certified mold remediation company that specializes in this line of work.

Our mold removal process involves using black mold removal products within a contained area to prevent mold spores from traveling throughtout the rest of your home. We use mold removal equipment to ensure that all debris is filtered through our HEPA machinery and then ducted out of a nearby window, if available. We refer to this type of equipment as negative air machinery. Our air scrubbing equipment uses the same HEPA filters that are proven to filter mold spores and other airborne micro-organisms up to 99.9%. These air scrubbers are generally set up outside of the containment area and are used to filter the air outside of the contained area.

A typical mold remediation project will go through the following steps:

  • Set up Containment around areas showing signs of water damage, visible mold, or known areas hiding mold growth.
  • Set up and achieve negative air pressure to filter airborne debris.
  • Remove affected areas including drywall (sheet rock), ceilings, vanities, or any other sections that were planned for removal. Further affected areas beyond the scope of work is immediately brought to the attention of the home owner to discuss revising the scope of work.
  • Once the demolition is complete, EnviroPro water and mold technicians begin the cleaning process. This involves cleaning everything within the containment area with a mold removal chemical.
  • The final step in the remediation process is to have an EnviroPro technician fog a hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the work area. This ensures that all aspects of the mold remediation process were covered.

Water Damage Repair

The stress of water damage in your home can be traumatic. The removal can seemdaunting. But a few steps taken can make it possible for water damage repair toseem less painful. We've compiled the following water damage repair tips tohelp you get back into your home and living comfortably.

Safety First

Before entering a water damaged building, keep in mind that safety is the mostimportant thing to remember. Is the structure safe? If you don't know then get professional advices. They will tell you the soundness of the structure and the saftey of entering.
If you find yourself in water in the structure then before entering, put on gloves so you can move debris out of the way; boots so you can walk without worrying what's underfoot; and a face mask to protect your lungs from lingering air borne debris. If it's bad, then you should wear protective clothing as well; against sharp, broken objects. You may find that wetting the debris makes them less dangerous.

Odor Eaters

Clothes, table cloths, towels and other textiles will probably need to have the odors removed as it will not come out with regular washing. Often Water Damage Repair Companies do odor removal as well.
When it is safe to reenter the water damaged structure, immediately open all windows and doors to ventilate the area. You may find that keeping them open for several days and nights during the repair process helps with the smell.

Who do you call

To adopt a proper strategy is tough and a difficult task. For the purpose of water damage repair there is EnviroPro Restoration, with years of experience in water removal and water drying. The water damage repair provides the following services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season will start on Monday June 1st, so be prepared. Condo and homeowner associations need to do more than stock up on batteries and flashlights. They need to be prepared for water damage and then mold problems.

Battle plans need to involve first responders in case of emergencies and be able to make advance financial decisions that could help save the day -- in the case of a natural disaster.

When associations have done no planning is when the biggest problems pop up.  Water damage and severe wind can cripple a building and they sometimes don't have any idea what to do next.

For an association to have a hurricane preparedness plan helps get them get moving in times of disaster.

Now is a great time to refine or develop your association's plan; because National Hurricane Preparedness Week runs through Saturday


Engineer's Report

The structural components, such as the windows, doors and roof should be certified by an licensed engineer, as to the integrity of each. Insurance companies often look at pre-exisitng conditions that have contributed to structural failure and ultimately could deny a post-storm claim.  Engineer's reports cost between $500 and $2,500 depending on the size of the building.  The association's insurance company might be able to recommend an engineer which would make it more difficult for the insurer to deny a claim later date.

Line up Contractors Now

To begin work immediately after the hurricane means that contractors have already been vetted and contracts negotiated in advance.  Contractors are usually scarce after a storm; so pre plan.  With a contractual obligation, the association will have a contractor while others shop around.

Review Insurance Policy

Periodically review the insurance policy with the agent.  Ensure the board understands the exclusions and policy coverage.  If necessary, increase coverage.  Many associations have cut back on coverage due to the bad economy.  Hope shouldn't be used as insurance.

Buld Cash

Establish a line of credit to provide emergency cash for emergency repairs after a storm.  If you do this, then financing won't be such an issue.  Some associations consider increasing assessments to build a cash reserve.  The trick is to start small with a small amount in an account and watch it grow over time.

Point People

The association should appoint a contact person or persons that have emergency powers  to protect the safetly and integrity of the association's property and it's residence.  Also they can answer questions from city and county officials, contractors and of course residents.


With this checklist your association should be able to make the best of a bad scenario.  If they don't have a preparedness plan, ask them to begin to create one.

Water Removal, also known as Water Damage Restoration or Extraction, is an area that we specialize in. When we receive a call, you can expect to see an EnviroPro agent at your doorstep within an hour. Once the water damage restoration is complete, you will never be able to tell that a leak occurred, in most scenarios. We use heavy duty portable extraction units that can remove as much as 20 gallons of water within seconds. For larger floods, we are equipped with truck-mounted water extraction units. With our water restoration equipment, no flood is too small or too large.

Our entire EnviroPro fleet of vehicles are stocked with this kind of equipment along with the latest in dehumidification and dry out equipment. Every vehicle is also equipped with a moisture detection unit known as a moisture meter. We use the most accurate meters that our industry has to over as well as ensuring that our crews calibrate the meters on a weekly basis. Some of our vehicles are also equipped infared imaging units. These handheld infared cameras can detect even the smallest amount of moisture intrusion that may be hiding behind a wall. The Fluke camera, which is EnviroPro's brand choice for infared imaging, can take both visual light photographs as well as infared images simultaneosly. The benefit of this is that it takes the guess work out of IR image analysis. The still images are stored on a portable SD card and can be easily uploaded to a PC where an EnviroPro associate can begin to compile these images into a report for residential, commercial, and insurance customers. This service is FREE to our customers upon request.

What can cause Water Damage?

* Roof that needs repair such as old roofing materials, cracked roof, defective shingles, cracked flashing flat or low pitched roofs. These are some of these problems allow water to pertude and cause rain and moisture to build up and cause Water Damage.

* Other areas of the Roof that can elude to Water Damage are Skylights, Chimneys, Plumbing Vents, Exhaust Fans, and broken Gutters with bad down spouts.

Areas inside the House that cause Water Damage

* Plumbing Fixtures, Kitchen Appliances, Leaks inside the Walls, Corroded Metal Piping, Leaky Windows
"Water will always travel to the lowest possible point". This is an important rule of thumb when thinking about how far or deep mold can travel and grow. We have just begun a project in which the entire apartment had a flood flowing underneath the ground/wood floor. The damages are astounding to say the least and most of the lower portions of the drywall contain toxic mold. There was much damage hiding behind the walls and beneath the ground.

We began with extraction of the water/humidity levels with professional grade dehumidifiers. Soon after the house was drained of most water we began to remove the floor and found more "surprises". There was still moisture to be found when the laminate floor was removed; this is a hot spot for mold to grow. We proceeded to remove the floor and followed the path to water stains and black mold on the drywall throughout the entire home.

Isolation and protection is ultra important during the mold remediation process. The last situation you want to be in is one where you have made the toxicity levels higher than they even originally were. Enviropro always follows the safety regulations instructed to properly dispose and cleanse these moldy homes. So never try a "home remedy" or use bleach. This is contraindicated since many believe bleach kills mold. In fact recent studies show this to be untrue and inconclusive to mold studies.

We create fully operational mold containments and passages to insure we do not cross contaminate. We also have positive air filters purifying the air but yet allowing the air scrubbers to cleanse the air. Also we have tubes connected to a negative air machine which ducts out usually from the nearest window.

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